Michael Jackson and US, powered by Social Media

By , June 29, 2009 12:58 am

1.With Facebook, blogs, forums, Twitter and such, you and I – normal people – can make our voice heard. Just 5 years ago, we could not have possibly done that when mainstream media still dominated (via @TanNg).

2. Michael Jackson-related traffic doubled Twitter’s update frequency, tripled Facebook’s

The event of Michael Jackson is not an excuse to assess whether Facebook or Twitter has won , but an opportunity to see how many more people Social Media as a whole have conquered, and how much change Social Media have created.

Outcoming Influence, not Incoming traffic.

And appropriate collaboration would enlarge the pie for all.

3. The event clears doubts of the power of Social Media (via baekdal)

4. Michael was a true Innovator (via @xoai). He invented the shoes for Anti-gravity lean

Facebook’s Interim Period

By , June 10, 2009 1:00 am

Facebook has developed from Relationship-centric to:

  1. Contents-oriented
    1. Quiz as representative
  2. Entertainment portal
    1. Games
  3. Viral channel
  4. Relationship:
    1. Pushed to the right column
    2. Built on interests rather than real relationships


  1. Growth: people sharing different interests will invite their peers
  2. More interactions between users, more retention
  3. Users are more willing to show off their data about their interests (consumer needs!)
  4. Segmentation of users basing on their demographic
  5. Devalue other interest-based social networks such as Twine, Squidoo
  6. Facebookaizen
  7. Social-graph based monopoly

However, this is only an interim state of Facebook in the way to becoming far greater an information hub.

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