Facebook as daily consumption good

By , November 10, 2009 12:39 am

When Yahoo! 360 closed down, I ebullient promoted WordPress and Blogger to all who wanted to find a good blogging platform.

People with professional intention stayed with WordPress & Blogger.

But one thing I had predicted and feared has come true. Those who write personal slowly & silently migrate to the uninspiring, plain and boring Notes application on Facebook.

What’s the moral?

  • Convenience of distribution
  • Social graph matter
  • Behaviors and preferences are dynamic and can be changed by a superior product
  • It is when one thing becomes a daily trivial consuming good that it grows powerful. Think Facebook. Think Microsoft. Think FMCG.

What many users had been complaining for the past years but they turned out users of Notes

Let’s just get less social – you will determine what you want

By , November 9, 2009 7:50 pm

Social media begins to look less social and it need to be so because:

Major online communities usually start with a small group of smart, motivated, everybody-knows-everbody contributors. After crossing critical mass, such communities start to attract more users which is a good thing. The bad thing is that trolls also jump in. What’s more, noise and irrelevant information start to emerge from clueless or, worse, malicious posters.

Two types of community are somewhat immune to such annoyance:

  1. Social networks, led by Facebook , with which you determine your social graph of those you care about
  2. Services which you determine the content you want, led by Twitter. Others may include Tumblr, twine, squidoo. Addendum: Twitter got better with lists.

I’m sorry, Digg.

What’s the solution? Channel, possibly?

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