This entry is for LinkHay product team

By , June 7, 2010 7:25 pm

I’ve always been keen on explaining the Why of things. This entry is about Why I chose to use the local product LinkHay, a Vietnamese social news service, over

  1. Relevant community: while Digg clearly has a wider range of influencers, the local community gives me networking opportunities much more relevant to what I’m working on
  2. Relevant contents: contents relevant to the environment I’m working and living in
  3. Good product: fast, fairly good usability and a pleasant enough design
  4. Higher buyer bargaining power: I clearly have more bargaining power in giving feedback, suggestions and requests for a product that has 50,000 users (as of June 2010) compared to 3 million of Digg

LinkHay doesn’t only kill Digg in my online usage, but eats up Twitter as a information gathering tool.

In sum, the ingredients to build a local product to compete with global giants are: a good niché, good product/service and relevance.

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