FINS3640 – Semester 2 2010 – Week 7

By , August 30, 2010 7:05 pm

Market reaction was good for both Intel and McAfee

By , August 22, 2010 7:06 pm


  • One-day loss for Intel is 3.52%, one-day return for McAfee is 57.07%
  • Considering the trend, the loss for Intel was rather low, indicating that market punishment was not as severe for acquisition of unrelated (software) business
  • My speculation is that perhaps the market was expecting a deal from Intel, as signaled by high trading volume and declining stock price prior to the announcement
  • The high return on MFE signals significant liquidity motivation to exit the company
  • INTC listing NASDAQ might have reduced the loss while MFE listing on NYSE might have increased the gain
  • My speculative view on strategy of the deal: apart from hardware security, Intel now has access to cloud security which can be used to offer complementary service to key cloud service providers i.e. Amazon, Salesforce… This strengthens Intel’s alliance beyond the long-standing one with Microsoft (which is currently lost in the cloud). Then what can would Intel do with an alliance? War against Apple?
  • Addendum: market reaction is favorable for Intel, signaling good corporate governance

Correlation between VN Index and other indexes 2006-2009

By , August 9, 2010 7:46 pm


DJIA: 0.7741

S&P 500: 0.7528


FTSE: 0.7374

DAX: 0.8406

Asia & Oceania

NIKKEI 225: 0.7114

HSI: 0.6509

STI: 0.8519

CN SSE: 0.6936

ASX: 0.8507

Romance of three kingdoms

By , August 9, 2010 7:44 pm

Facebook current privacy issue made clear

By , August 9, 2010 7:34 pm
Issue Brief description Severity Why this is severe
Bugs Some privacy options don’t work as they’re supposed to High Just when you are so certain you have setup the proper privacy protection, your profile and activities burst and your private information is exposed.
Version control When Facebook upgrades functions or migrates data, certain functions are temporarily reverted back to the old version. One that occurred to my account was Live Feed Options. Low You thought you have moved on with newer and more interesting things, but suddenly something reverts back to what it was.
Default settings New information or information in sections that are changed by Facebook are, by default, visible to “Everyone”.e.g. Likes and Interests May 2010 Medium It takes users a while to figure out how to set privacy for these sections.
Lack of settings Certain settings are not provided. e.g. Pages I am a fan of Update: this is no longer public on my profile Medium You can’t put control on the items you want.
Changing settings When Facebook upgrade certain features, privacy options related to that feature are sometimes lost. e.g. Option to set for newsfeed not to display comment one writes on his/her friend’s content. I used to set it, and couldn’t find it again. Medium I am confused.

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