Project collaboration on Blackboard

By , September 16, 2010 7:00 pm

Dear Students,

Group feature on Blackboard can be used for project collaboration.

Specifically, a few features I find useful and actually use:

  1. File sharing
  2. Discussion board

These two substitute emailing back and forth, and serves as a version control tool (i.e. you keep track of what you edit through different versions).

How to use the feature

  1. If you do not see a link named ‘My Tools’, request the lecturer to Show that link
  2. From a course (subject) homepage, click My Tools
  3. Click Groups
  4. Create your group, name your group smartly
  5. Ask your members to join
  6. DO NOT join a group you are not a member of because by default setting, you cannot withdraw yourself from a group. If you accidentally join a group that is not truly yours, request me to remove you.
  7. Click ‘File sharing’ to start using the function
  8. Click ‘Group homepage’ to see who are in your group

Familiarizing yourself with systems available to you gives you a boost in managing your projects in both academic and professional environments.

Good luck


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