List of Funds and Funds Management firms in Vietnam, updated March 2011

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How to use 3G on Blackberry Torch 9800 OS6 without using BIS/BES

By , August 31, 2011 10:59 am
  1. From home screen, select "Setup"

    blackberry os6 setup options icon

  2. Select "Options"
  3. Select "Advanced System Settings"

    blackberry os6 advanced system settings

  4. Select "TCP IP"

    blackberry os6 tcp ip

  5. Enter APN details

    blackberry apn

    Service Viettel Mobifone Vinaphone
    APN v-internet m-wap m3-world
    Username for APN leave blank mms mms
    Password for APN leave blank mms mms
  6. Go back to "Advanced System Settings"
  7. Select "Service Book"

    blackberry os6 service book

  8. Press Alt+SBEB
  9. The phone should display the message "Legacy SB Restore Enabled"

    blackberry os6 legacy sb restore enabled

  10. Click here or here to download the service book
  11. Open Blackberry Desktop Manager
  12. Select Devices \ Restore…

    blackberry desktop manager restore service book

  13. Browse to the folder where you store the downloaded service book
  14. Click Restore
  15. Activate data package with your carrier. For example, for Mobifone you would:
    1. Send SMS with content "DATA ON" to 999
    2. Send SMS with content "DK <name of data package>" to 999. Names of data packages can be found here

There you go. Enjoy the service.

Reading: Social Gaming

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Social Gaming Research 30.6.11 by Clipperton

Social Game Mechanics

A list of Social Game Providers

Flash Sale and spending

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Thanks @nguyentridat

Reading: recession Flash Sale

Secret’s Out: Sample Sales Move Online

Even Marked Up, Luxury Goods Fly Off Shelves

Flash-Sale Site Shifts Its Model

A list of flash sale sites:

  7. – Household goods
  8. – Household goods
  9. – Watches
  10. – Jewelry
  11. – Household goods, owned by Gilt
  12. East Asia
  13. – the first Vietnamese flash sale
  14. – from VTC Online

What I don’t like about HTC Desire Z

By , August 17, 2011 4:15 pm

htc desire z slide slider

  • The Z slider is tough to handle especially when one is in a hurry
  • The keyboard is too wide one can’t text with one hand
  • The phone is 12% heavier than a Blackberry Torch 9800

Overall, far from a phone for the texter.

Mobile Market Share Q2 2011 by Gartner

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Mobile Vendor Market Share, Gartner Mobile Operating System Market Share, Gartner

Source: Gartner

Technology Industry in Vietnam: NOW is the time

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Living in the Stream

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The good news is The bad news is
You only need to concentrate your efforts to creating contents. Leave the viral job to consumers You have to publish really good stuffs to be pinned long enough in the stream
You become famous fast You are forgotten fast
You have great opportunities Others have their great opportunities
News! News!! News!!! News! News!! News!!!
The past is history Lessons are well buried under history
There are many options Focus is totally lost
Everybody can drink from the stream Anybody can bath in the stream
Plagiarism is open to public You always have to be the first
What flies by flew by “It’s crazy I can’t find the thing I had cast into the stream!”
Less is more More of less important key points
Complexity is hidden You miss out the production process, which is usually the fun

How Social Media is changing the way we do business

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Building and Using Personal Brands with Social Media

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