Vietnamese user behavior on forums

By , November 4, 2012 10:51 am

This is a repost from a discussion with my friends on Facebook.

  1. Forums still account for 65% online activities in Vietnam. Sources: two internet market research teams and their figures seem to match.
  2. Forum allows or even promotes anonymity which many East Asian (Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese) users prefer.
  3. Forum is content-focused so posters on forums feel they can blend in the crowd, a behavior collectivistic Vietnamese prefer.
  4. Some vertical forums are very deep: on mon & baby care, Otofun on vehicles, vOz on IT and gossip… Deep: quality of content, online ad inventory, and engagement of respective communities.

Show me the money: that niché

By , November 3, 2012 5:59 pm

In the private equity life I have been most thrilled when I stumble upon companies which operate in niché markets, offering products that you almost never thought of.

For instance, one manufactures a tiny aluminum accessory of a beverage bottle, supplying for all major beer and beverage companies down the stream. Another one produces certain chemicals from seafood extracts.

Because of their niche-ness and exclusivity, these firms have virtually no competitors. The lack of competition makes them almost monopoly even without political grounding.

Investing in these firms is almost a safe bet.

The private equity world amazes me, every time.

Image source: Dilbert

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