When that Finance guy startups

By , January 2, 2015 6:50 pm

He has an appetite for optimizing the business model. He probably has read a zillion business plans so vision-mission and strategy alone wouldn’t do. He will dive into details of market size, input, output, sequence, process, suppliers, and customers.

He’s obsessed with scalability.

He immediately conjures the whole (projected) financial statements in his brain before speaking any word. He sets the amplitude for each major (and probably minute) item e.g. how do we snug ourselves neatly in this 15% operating expense?

He can’t dream the way *entrepreneurship* founders do. He scrutinizes instead.

If he’s not the CEO, he is usually the compulsive data-validator and reality verifier who usually throws cold water should the founding team gets carried away. He’s definitely not the most likable guy in the room, usually the exact opposite. He’s not at all a pessimist, he’s simply a devil’s advocate.

Why do financiers startup? The most recurring pattern I observed is market. Some markets don’t exist where they ought to. Some other markets have only been penetrated by a few players where the monopoly / duopoly is ruptile.

Are financiers motivated by money for starting up? We’re talking about finance, other than plutomania, what else can it be.

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