Thoughts for 19 November 2015

By , November 19, 2015 6:51 am

The only legitimate reason to startup is when you spend months thinking of nothing other than solving the validated, unsolved problem. You lose sleep over your obsession and be ready to compromise your career at the top firm, health, love life, social life, hobbies for your startup.


The idea should be simple stupid enough to make sense to a layman. The tricks lie in execution which requires experience, intelligence, network, lobbying, risk taking.


One-hit wonders in art are fun; art can be re-consumed.

Trying to learn from one-hit wonders in business is detrimental. Learning involves detecting patterns and replicating what work. Being unable to repeat success has few directions to point to except luck, a factor out of control of most. Illusion of information is therefore created.

Source: Dilbert

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