Automatic Application Disqualifiers

By , February 26, 2016 10:22 pm

So I’ve been hiring and the following mistakes automatically guarantees disqualification:


  1. Red flag: A senior-looking resume applying for a junior job.
  2. Experience from ethically questionable companies. Why did you choose such companies to work in the first place?

The email

  1. Bad subject.
  2. Immature content.
  3. Copy contents from different sources without reformatting them to the same font and the same font size.


  1. Spelling mistakes.
  2. Grammar mistakes. How did this even become a common mistake: "I am a alumni."
  3. Broken English.
  4. A language other than English, even if it’s a language I read.

The Résumé

  1. More-than-one-page Resume.
  2. Extensively decorated Resume. I don’t normally hire creative positions.
  3. Violation of parallelism in grammar.

The Cover Letter

  1. Too generic information. If a CL is too generic it’s likely the applicant has no applicable experience.

Scanning and skimming Resume isn’t as bad as it sounds.

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