Cutting your Resume short demonstrates your skills

By , March 3, 2016 5:03 am

I am an advocate of the One-Page-Resume camp. (Of course on the other extreme there are firms which look for longer Resume to locate details of applicants’ capability.)

Cutting your Resume short demonstrates to the hiring manager the following basic skills:


Cutting Resume short gives hint to whether you have:

  • Written short and concise business documents, especially legal docs and contracts. (Junior investment analysts sometimes write legal-looking documents.)
  • Had too many ideas for your school assignment and needed to cut down to meet word limit.
  • Spent time on improving writing.

Mentioning writing, grammatical parallelism is crucial to Resume not only GRE/GMAT.

Whether you have thought and researched enough for the job and career path

If you have thought and talked much about your career path, you’d know what is important to include in the Resume and what sounds fancy but actually is only cosmetic.

Microsoft Word skill

(unless you use LaTeX or other technical formats for the Resume)

Whether you know the basic functions of: typography, font size, Page Layout, column, tab, Styles, Format Painter.

Basically the three above are basic and foundation skills any serious job hunter should have had long before joining the workforce.

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