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By , February 8, 2009 2:06 am

I came across an article on some young people on the edge of building a career.

The article highlights students’ fear of entering corporate environment without an education at at least bachelor level, with a theme of criticizing this way of thinking.

What intrigues me about these students is that, as reported, they were aware of corporate environment challenges while still at school.

With cautious nature, these persons might be effective in identifying risks, thus make them suitable for jobs related to Risk Advisory or Personal Financial Advisory dealing with clients who don’t expect to take big risks in their investments.

Look, I’m no counselor and I might be wrong, but here I am giving examples of how different individuals can fit themselves in positions that brings the best out of them, instead of criticizing them.

With the rising worries of the economic recession, it is not necessary to put more pressure on these students. I believe career orientation should be done in a more empathic way. Showing them the skills they need to train themselves on, for example.

And is it high time we started embracing more diversity?


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