Statement of Ethics

By , April 22, 2012 3:24 pm

Statement of Ethics

My blog contains comments and analysis that are based on public information. The sources are usually parsed as hyperlink in keywords of my articles.

I don’t discuss the business of my investors, my employer, and the portfolio companies, except for sharing public links to their public information (e.g. press releases).

Information that appear non-public are my personal analysis, forecast, and/or speculation of events. These opinions are solely mine and are not sourced from any discussion with any related party.

I carry terms from Non-disclosure Agreements to all circumstances including my blog.

I am currently not employed by any organization mentioned in my blog.

I do not benefit from any business results of the companies I cover. I do not own stocks in these companies.

The analyses on my blog are my personal opinions and are not those of the organizations I work for.

I shall make timely updates to this statement should my position changes.

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