I give up, I’m switching to iPhone 5S

By , September 11, 2013 5:59 pm

In 2007, I hated the touch screen of iPhone. I’ve been an Apple hater ever since.

After 4 years, I gave up resistance to touch screen. I changed from Blackberry Torch 9800 to Samsung Galaxy Note. It took learning, like the first time I used the laptop touch pad.

After 6 years, I gave up resistance to the iPhone and iPad. I like the large screens of Samsung Note, Samsung Mega, Sony Ultra. However after around 1 year using the hardware of Samsung and Sony become unstable. Their touch screens become less responsive. The new release Note 3 fails to impress me.

iOS is more stable than Android. Samsung customizes Android for its phone, HTC and Sony do the same. When too much customization is thrown to the operating system it is highly prone to errors. Worse, Android phones come in all shapes and sizes and third-party developers have much harder time optimizing the experience for many phones.

So I’m switching to iPhone 5S, not because I like it, but because it is the most well-rounded product around.

I’m also buying a mini iPad for mobile working and web surfing.

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