Hot and Power

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  Hot Figure Power Figure
When the figure wears a new cool jacket I will buy it I’ll pretend I never knew that
When the figure opens a retail chain set of shops that distribute sell jackets I won’t be so sure about customer and post-purchase service quality I’d hesitate I will buy it

Cost of bond formula

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Freemium model for Consulting / Advisory service

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Technical hedges of index fund liquidity risk

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In markets where index funds are a feasible investment channel, investors can undertake strategies to hedge their position in such funds.
1. Investor, depending on their bargain power, may require installment of liquidity reserve. An increasingly popular calculation of a reserve is with Value at Risk (VaR).
Reserve = VaR * multiplier
The more volatile the market is expected to be, the higher the multiplier is used.
Read more of VaR on JP Morgan and Benninga & Wiener 1998 1.
2. The position can be further hedged by entering a credit default swap.
Given these instruments, further concern of index fund service provider liquidity risk (default event on the commitment to investors when index rockets) might be attributed to other factors beyond the scope of this technical argument.
1 Benninga S. and Wiener Z., 1998, ‘Value-at-Risk (VaR)’, Mathematica in Education and Research, vol. 7 no. 4, 1998

How do we capitalize on the new Semantic Web

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In 2004, I was doing a research project with RMIT University on Semantic Web. The goal was for the query to ‘recognize’ who a person is and how s/he is connected to the world. One issue arose: no single source provides sufficient data of the level of connectedness we expected.

6 years later, the whole thing world has changed. One entity has accumulated more data than most others: Facebook.

We started talking about Web 3.0 backed by Semantic Web in 2005, and Social Graph in 2006. But until this point do we realize how the new web shall have to rely on a skeleton offered by a company and its alliance (Microsoft, Zynga).

I’ll think more of what new business models will emerge, the changing competitive landscape, disruptive innovation and most importantly, how do we capitalize on this.

National Australia Bank Real Estate Investment Prospects

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St.George's Acquisition by Westpac Analysis

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Analysis of Woolworths Limited Australia

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Analysis of Woolworths Limited Australia
Leading Strategies and Opportunities in the competitive, technological and regulatory environment

Danfeng Chen, Stevan Nikolin, Tai Tran


Introduction Excerpt

Woolworths is a vast and diverse company which has its origins in Australia. Its range of products includes supermarkets, electronics, retail, liquor, petrol, general merchandise among many others. Despite their already large presence in the Australian market, Woolworths believes that there is still potential for significant growth, whether this growth occurs within the existing industries in which it operates, or alternatively, in new ventures. This essay will analyse the company’s core competencies, its marketing strategies, operations and logistics management, and its competitive standing within the current socioeconomic environment. Following this analysis, an account of Woolworths’ strategic opportunities and risks will be presented.

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Published: Tuesday, February 27, 2007 12:53 AEST

Evaluating ERP implementation and usage at Harley-Davidson

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Evaluating ERP implementation and usage at Harley-Davidson

Nur Shairah Ishak, Tai Tran, Huy Truong


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If being a turkey scares you to death

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Nassim Taleb and his classic metaphor of a turkey

My extension attempt from it:

A sheep is fed and combed for a 1000 days, every day confirms to his statistical department that the human race cares about his welfare and fur on his body. On the 1001st day, the sheep is shaved.

At least, the sheep is alive. He has hints to determine when they will want lamb.

Does he?

How does one get to being a sheep from the state of a turkey?

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