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How to charge your prepaid mobile account online

By , November 14, 2011 3:04 am

Assume you already created and activated your accounts with the following 4 services, and your Internet Banking ready with your bank account.

1. Click here: (the link is different from what it is shown, so just click on the link)

Pay via

The two advantages with paying with NganLuong is: (1) condition-free instantaneous (though technically manual) (2) currently free of charge. Technically, certain manual internal processes in NganLuong are required to balance different accounts, but why should users care anyway?!

On a side note, WebSieuThi offers online lottery which is unique to Vietnam e-commerce. When the service launches I’ll update another review.

2. Click here:

Pay via MobiVi’ account.

3. Click here:

This is a service by Viet Union, the company owning Payoo.

Pay via Payoo account.

4. Click here:

I have an issue with MobiVi’, Payoo and VTC paygate. My current main bank account is with TienPhongBank. However, neither of them connects to TienPhongBank, nor do they maintain a bank account with the bank.

Here are the steps I need to perform.

Interbank transfer via Internet Banking from my TienPhongBank account to a bank account of MobiVi / Payoo which costs me transaction fee (fixed VND8,800 for TienPhongBank). This goes through the same old interbank transfer channel. The transfer is processed by the staff or MobiVi’ system (hopefully) to my respective wallet.

When I transfer money 4:30pm Friday, I need to wait till Monday for money to come in my wallet.

The problem is solved with Payoo if you have a bank account with the banks in the first list of this link. The problem is also solved with MobiVi’ if you have a bank account with the 5 banks (VIB, Techcombank, Dong A Bank, Lien Viet Bank, Nam A Bank) that MobiVi’ connects core-to-core to. In these two cases, transfer is instantaneous. I am currently not having information on VTC paygate if the transfer to these banks is instantaneous, but my wild guess is not yet.

5. Click here: VnExpress eBank

Direct topup not going through any e-wallet, on the condition that you need to have Internet Banking or SMS Banking from VCB, TCB, VIB, EIB, MB, Vietinbank, HDbank, ACB, Sacombank

6. Click here:

Supports NganLuong and

Conclusion: I’ll just use whoever supports NganLuong.

e-Payment in Vietnam: who are with whom

By , October 30, 2011 3:23 pm

Disclaimer: all information are sourced from public information.

Category Product Company Strategic Partner Financial Partner
e-Wallet NganLuong PeaceSoft PayPal



MobiVi’ Viet Phu Experian  
BaoKim Vietnam Price (VatGia)  



Payoo VietUnion NTT Data Saigon Invest
Soha Pay (MuaChung Pay) VCCorp   IDGVV
vCash VinaPay



WMV WebMoney Vietnam WebMoney Russia Viet A Bank
Mobile Payment MoMo VinaPhone    
Bank switchboard Smartlink Smartlink A syndicate of banks, led by Vietcombank
VNBC VNBC A syndicate of banks, led by Dong A Bank
Banknetvn Banknetvn State Bank of Vietnam
Payment gateway OnePay   Mastercard Vietcombank
Kiosk banking Paylink     Kosto Group
FPT Pay   FPT Online  

A quick sip of Personal Banking coffee, ends July 2008

By , July 31, 2008 2:42 pm

July 2008 witnesses a boil in personal banking services in Ho Chi Minh City.

1. Many banks have been aggressively expanding their ATM network.

Dong A Bank’s CEO just claimed that their ATM network is second to Vietcombank’s in Vietnam. And this is true. The navy shade of Dong A ATM can found spotted on many corners along main streets.

Following right after Dong A are the light-blue ACB, the red-blue Vietinbank and another red-blue BIDV.

2. ANZ does like no other with their impressive home banking service

ANZ banking consultants provide consulting services at customers’ home on calls and free of charge.

3. HSBC eventually accelerated in their personal banking expansion

Their target is the mid-high income class with salary from $1,000 up. The ATM network also grew steadily.

4. Interest rate for VND rised to nearly 19%

Was it innovation is experience?

In the context of financial difficulties in Vietnam in recent months, many banks especially foreign-invested have made bold moves. Some of them might be perceived as innovative. However, these practices are hard results from the experience of their long histories in more developed markets.

What next?

Welcoming August 2008, the goggles shall continue to be on CPI, the fluctuating stock market and especially gold. Real-estate, for the mean time, might enjoy a short rest.

What personal banking service are you using in Vietnam? How happy are you with your current bank? What services do you wish your bank had provided?

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