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Facebook’s future platform: Augmented Reality

By , May 5, 2017 12:20 pm

Facebook mua Snaptu làm mobile app, mua Instagram làm Photos, mua WhatsApp làm Messenger, mua Twitter không kịp nên clone, mua Snap không được nên clone.

Facebook xuất phát từ web đã phản ứng cực siêu với mobile.
Nhưng mà Mark tham hơn nhiều. Đến khi Facebook đủ lớn thì Apple và Google đã làm xong 2 hệ điều hành di động và nền tảng phát triển app.

Mark hận, mua Oculus.

Bill Gates đã ép nhân loại mang việc từ công sở về nhà với Wintel.
Steve Jobs đã ép nhân loại mang việc từ bàn làm việc lên giường ngủ với iPhone.
Mark Zuckerberg muốn ép nhân loại làm và chơi trên trên các thiết bị augmented reality do Facebook làm.

Quần chúng phải mua PC / laptop.
Quần chúng phải mua điện thoại thông minh.
Chỉ có mua Kindle Fire là được trợ giá.
Còn Mark có nguy cơ phát không cho bạn cái máy vi tính đeo trước mặt để bạn sống trong hệ sinh thái Facebook cả ngày.

Blackberry 10: a suicidal move by RIM

By , September 30, 2012 11:15 am

I still love Blackberry QWERTY keyboard.

The pain of using Blackberry is apps. Fewer and fewer developers like to code apps for BBOS.

And now RIM is releasing two Blackberries with TWO different screen size.

This may look like giving choices to customers, but it is more likely a suicidal move as it drives developers away.

Sadly, while I miss the QWERTY keyboard badly, I am not buying Blackberry 10 N.

Image credit: CrackBerry

Yahoo! 360 officially dead & the impact

By , May 29, 2009 11:58 am

Yahoo! 360 is officially announced to be closed on 13 July 2009.

The impact this movement has:


4 million users worldwide and 2 million Vietnamese users lose what they call “home-base”.

Vietnamese bloggers had long equate “blog = Yahoo! 360“. The closure will change that perception.

Where are they moving to

I have noted down my prediction on Kevin’s blog here.

I have personally moved most of my social graph to Facebook.



The global forces: Facebook is climbing Alexa Vietnam rapidly.

Local competitors: good news?


There are two ecosystems in Vietnam on Yahoo! 360: 360themes and LinkHay feed. They will be heavily affected.

How about you? What impact will the closure have on you?

How Baomoi can make (more) money

By , May 13, 2009 2:42 pm

How Baomoi can make (more) money apart from offering brand-monitoring services.

  • Get online newspaper firms to outsource to Baomoi for features that Baomoi is strong at
  • Offer new, innovative, customized features to newspapers
  • Provide online-news-specific analytics
  • Create ecosystems around newspapers
  • Move Expand to media, collaborate with other organizations to host news-related events

Each item has its own pros & cons, opportunities & risks.

This list is simply my own fresh thoughts, and I haven’t evaluated them against Baomoi’s strategies, current capabilities and the industry’s growth. Feedbacks are welcome.

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