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Facebook’s future platform: Augmented Reality

By , May 5, 2017 12:20 pm

Facebook mua Snaptu làm mobile app, mua Instagram làm Photos, mua WhatsApp làm Messenger, mua Twitter không kịp nên clone, mua Snap không được nên clone.

Facebook xuất phát từ web đã phản ứng cực siêu với mobile.
Nhưng mà Mark tham hơn nhiều. Đến khi Facebook đủ lớn thì Apple và Google đã làm xong 2 hệ điều hành di động và nền tảng phát triển app.

Mark hận, mua Oculus.

Bill Gates đã ép nhân loại mang việc từ công sở về nhà với Wintel.
Steve Jobs đã ép nhân loại mang việc từ bàn làm việc lên giường ngủ với iPhone.
Mark Zuckerberg muốn ép nhân loại làm và chơi trên trên các thiết bị augmented reality do Facebook làm.

Quần chúng phải mua PC / laptop.
Quần chúng phải mua điện thoại thông minh.
Chỉ có mua Kindle Fire là được trợ giá.
Còn Mark có nguy cơ phát không cho bạn cái máy vi tính đeo trước mặt để bạn sống trong hệ sinh thái Facebook cả ngày.

Tai Tran’s Guide to Amazon Kindles, 2011

By , December 26, 2011 12:31 pm

guide amazon kindle dx fire touch keyboard basic mobile device

How many Kindles has Amazon launched?

By , December 17, 2011 6:53 am

As at today there are 13 models of Kindle currently offered:

  1. Kindle DX Wi-Fi
  2. Kindle DX 3G
  3. Kindle Keyboard (was known as Kindle 3) Wi-Fi with Special Offers
  4. Kindle Keyboard Wi-Fi without Special Offers
  5. Kindle Keyboard 3G with Special Offers
  6. Kindle Keyboard 3G without Special Offers
  7. Kindle (was known as Kindle Basic) with Special Offers
  8. Kindle without Special Offers
  9. Kindle Touch Wi-Fi with Special Offers
  10. Kindle Touch Wi-Fi without Special Offers
  11. Kindle Touch 3G with Special Offers
  12. Kindle Touch 3G without Special Offers
  13. Kindle Fire

Models no longer offered:

  1. The first Kindle
  2. Kindle 2
  3. Kindle 3 with Special Offers

Nevertheless, the number of models are distinctively different enough.

  • K-Basic for basic reading without extensive note-taking. This is currently the smallest and lightest.
  • K-Keyboard for those with the need to take note and web-surfing
  • K-DX for larger screen
  • K-Touch for those who crave for haptic interaction
  • and K-Fire for a tablet

Except for K-Fire, the e-Ink technology in the models are essentially the same.

When will Amazon launch Kindle Fire 3G?

Kindle 1 vs. Kindle 2

Kindle 2 vs. Kindle DX

Kindle 3 vs. Kindle 2

Kindle Fire, Kindle Touch, Kindle Basic

Vietnam ebooks market, the first step

By , December 15, 2011 12:24 pm

vietnamese kindle

Market size?

Fresh market.


  1. Piracy
  2. User habit
  3. Underdeveloped e-payment system. Currently, most e-payment is done through SMS. Content providers share 50-55% upfront revenue with telecommunication service providers

The Pioneers

  2. VCCorp
  3. VTC Online confirmed the intention
  4. Publishers including FirstNews, Alpha Book, Youth Publisher
  5. Lac Viet

A few players have expressed their intention to join the market. More update when their intentions have materialized and publicized.

Show me the money

I have just personally brainstormed a few ideas how players would workaround the challenges and elicit money from buyers

  1. Target impulse buying demand
  2. Provide convenience for mobile device holders
  3. Provide a complete hi-end experience for smart phone holders – good content to go with good hardware
  4. The long tail where pirates don’t bother pirating
  5. Work with academic institutions to educate and/or coerce students into consuming the contents. Alezaa is deploying this

What categories?

  1. Manga!
  2. English textbooks
  3. Chick lit

Show me MORE money

How to earn enough to be profitable?

I’m using Amazon for a case study

  1. Selling Kindles at subsidy to create the platform for content consumption
  2. Technology-powered automation to control scaling cost, and to serve the long tail
  3. Large scale (one million titles as at December 2011) for network effect which leads to market domination which leads to revenue
  4. Use bargain power to drive down costs from suppliers
  5. Backward integration to cut the costs from suppliers

Image courtesy: Tiendq

How to setup your Kindle to receive documents via 3G and Wi-Fi

By , August 9, 2011 6:55 pm

Read my Kindle 3 Review

You can view your documents on Kindle without plugging your Kindle in. All you have to do is send the document via email to your email and Amazon will automatically convert them to Kindle format. Click here to view formats Kindle 3 support.

You can also send one document to multiple Kindle recipient, as long as your email is approved by the Kindle owners.

You can setup these steps even before your Kindle arrives.

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