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Merchants which I become full-price-paying customer after using deal

By , February 17, 2012 3:31 pm

Recurring deal structure: applies to all items in the menu so I am free to choose. I hate set menus.


Deal provider


Jungle Juice NhomMua
Best juice house in town
Charner NhomMua
  • Nice foie grass
  • Very good service
Le Jardin De Sao Mai NhomMua
  • Nice food
  • Good atmosphere
Koibito MOF NhomMua Very good chocolate
Sheepskin NhomMua Good quality
Yukisu NhomMua High quality cakes
Totoya NhomMua Value for money
Pao Dimsum (Moc Broken Rice) NhomMua Good quality
Nam Giao NhomMua Good quality
Andes NhomMua Certified helmets
Floramisu 51deal
  • Nice tea
  • Nice atmosphere
Nhà hàng 100 MuaChung I like the Acipenser (cá tầm)
Nhã Nam QBata I love books!
Regina Hotdeal Very nice coffee shop
Lộc Thịnh MuaLe
  • Cheap
  • Wide open space
Akataiyo MuaChung
  • Okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake) is good
  • Good service
  • Spacy
  • Free Wi-Fi
Cyprina CungMua Good quality grape juice

How leads Vietnam Groupbuying market

By , December 20, 2011 10:20 am

NhomMua statistics as collected by DealCuaTui as at 20.12.2011

  • Revenue VND 240.5 billion
  • Market share 36%
  • Highest revenue per month except for June, September and November 2011

Other statistics

  • Over a million vouchers sold
  • Brand equity is among top 2 in the market
  • NhomMua is recognized to feature the top merchants by many buyers

How they do it

  1. Strategic partnership: Rebate Networks which specializes in Groupon cloning
  2. Extensive investment in advertising
  3. 360o advertising: web banners, building LCD, elevator LCD, coffee shop LCD, taxi LCD. They attempt to cover a person’s full day with their brand
  4. Strong sales team aiming to win the top merchants. Merchant quality is one key factor to retain customers
  5. Signing exclusive contracts with merchants to block other groupbuy players
  6. Win the market to attract investment
  7. Utilizing DiaDiem’s infrastructure data for delivery logistics
  8. Office design that forces sales team to the streets

What about profit?

For a loss leader strategy like that of NhomMua, immediate profitability is not their top priority. Maybe they’re betting on market position and surviving the competition.


High competition from Hotdeal, MuaChung, CungMua, and Everyday.

What next?

With the infrastructure and attention on hand, they may launch:

  • e-Commerce service
  • Logistics service
  • Social shopping service
  • Mobile shopping and other mobile apps

NhomMua and NhacCuaTui’s birthday. Photo from vnExpress

Have we been sleeping with the enemy COD for so long?

By , December 14, 2011 4:34 am

GOOD is the enemy of GREAT.

Jim Collins

cash on delivery 1. I hate COD (cash on delivery). My job requires me to travel frequently I’m not in my office for COD. Asking my colleague in the office to collect the items for me is very inconvenient because of the high frequency my purchases.

2. I’m flabbergasted and frustrated that when I expressed my personal desire that e-Commerce sites should support e-Payment to make my life easier, what I received was resistance from many e-Commerce service providers!

A common response was "you’re not in 90% of our customers".

I’m showing why this is a bad response.

3. is 100% free for merchants, and it shouldn’t be too difficult and time-consuming to integrate. I can use BaoKim. Instead of resisting (and showing the superiority of strategy to customers), why wouldn’t they just try integrating the service?

4. e-Payment is what (I believe) we aim to. However, since Vietnamese users have not developed the habit of online payment, e-Commerce service providers have learned to adapt with COD. COD, as we know it, is costly, inefficient, and risky (fraud orders) to merchants & service providers.

Do we want COD permanent here? I think no.

Have we learned to live (and suffer) with COD for so long that we take COD for granted, tend to guard COD as if it is the ultimate standard and resist e-Payment? Many e-Commerce practitioners give me the impression Yes.

We may agree that COD is good, at least for now. GOOD is the enemy of BETTER.

5. This is a minor point. Being an e-Commerce advocate, I understand how resistant Vietnamese buyers are, and I empathize with e-Commerce service providers. Please, my e-Commerce friends, don’t resist to even me.

6. Fortunately, I can prepay using e-Payment from my favorite e-Commerce service providers: / (NganLuong), (BaoKim / OnePay), (NganLuong), (Soha Pay aka MuaChungPay).

7. I am comfortable with OnePay, Soha Pay (running on top of OnePay), NganLuong, BaoKim. Sadly, Payoo, vnMart, vCash don’t directly support my bank.

8. I specifically wish the following merchants would support one of the 4 e-Payment services I’m comfortable with: NhomMua, Hotdeal, Vinabooks, CungMua. Disclosure: I’ve been buying over 3 million worth of vouchers from NhomMua in 2011.

cash on delivery cod

Updates on non-bank e-Payment services

By , December 7, 2011 3:31 pm
  • With over 50% transaction value on going through e-payment, Soha Pay now ranks second in the market in transaction value.
  • Soha Pay rebrands to MuaChungPay for, pragmatically, sales purpose.
  • From the e-commerce websites I have visited, I see NganLuong has been more efficient in building its merchant network compared to BaoKim. This comes as a surprise since BaoKim insists on being free to merchant and charging customers for guaranteed payment instead.
  • Payoo is expected to launch its cash-based offline payment solution with the technological and financial support from NTT Data

Also, one can use NganLuong & BaoKim to perform interbank transfer free of charge. This is how they are doing it

nganluong baokim bank

What are not "non-bank"?

The active solutions not included in this update include OnePay, Smartlink, VNBC and Banknetvn.

Being backed by banks is a tremendous advantage, putting these giants beside independent players would only dwarf the later so I am temporarily refrain from doing so.

Check these out: new product launch November 2011

By , November 27, 2011 3:01 am

An e-commerce website with some unique offerings: lottery, groceries. Phone recharge codes and game cards are also offered.

Payment can be done via

online payment

I prefer paying via NganLuong.

Free shipping to central districts in HCMC for orders over VND300,000 (US$15).

I have recurring demands for Patritti and Berri juice.

The second dedicated online penny bid service in Vietnam after

You win the item when your bid is lowest and unique.

qbata logo

After the mobile apps from NhomMua and MuaChung, QBata launches a mobile-only Groupon service.

You browse the deals and pay the "reservation fee" of the deal via SMS and pay the full amount when consuming the service/product when visiting the merchant. This product serves the need of impulse and immediate purchase of vouchers.

CungMuaSam Zing Me app

cungmuasam integrates its service to Zing Me by launching an application on Zing Me platform.

dealcuatui logo

An groupbuy aggregator site with market statistics. The information is sourced from figures published from respective groupbuy sites.

e-Payment in Vietnam: who are with whom

By , October 30, 2011 3:23 pm

Disclaimer: all information are sourced from public information.

Category Product Company Strategic Partner Financial Partner
e-Wallet NganLuong PeaceSoft PayPal



MobiVi’ Viet Phu Experian  
BaoKim Vietnam Price (VatGia)  



Payoo VietUnion NTT Data Saigon Invest
Soha Pay (MuaChung Pay) VCCorp   IDGVV
vCash VinaPay



WMV WebMoney Vietnam WebMoney Russia Viet A Bank
Mobile Payment MoMo VinaPhone    
Bank switchboard Smartlink Smartlink A syndicate of banks, led by Vietcombank
VNBC VNBC A syndicate of banks, led by Dong A Bank
Banknetvn Banknetvn State Bank of Vietnam
Payment gateway OnePay   Mastercard Vietcombank
Kiosk banking Paylink     Kosto Group
FPT Pay   FPT Online  

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