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How to use 3G on Blackberry Torch 9800 OS6 without using BIS/BES

By , August 31, 2011 10:59 am
  1. From home screen, select "Setup"

    blackberry os6 setup options icon

  2. Select "Options"
  3. Select "Advanced System Settings"

    blackberry os6 advanced system settings

  4. Select "TCP IP"

    blackberry os6 tcp ip

  5. Enter APN details

    blackberry apn

    Service Viettel Mobifone Vinaphone
    APN v-internet m-wap m3-world
    Username for APN leave blank mms mms
    Password for APN leave blank mms mms
  6. Go back to "Advanced System Settings"
  7. Select "Service Book"

    blackberry os6 service book

  8. Press Alt+SBEB
  9. The phone should display the message "Legacy SB Restore Enabled"

    blackberry os6 legacy sb restore enabled

  10. Click here or here to download the service book
  11. Open Blackberry Desktop Manager
  12. Select Devices \ Restore…

    blackberry desktop manager restore service book

  13. Browse to the folder where you store the downloaded service book
  14. Click Restore
  15. Activate data package with your carrier. For example, for Mobifone you would:
    1. Send SMS with content "DATA ON" to 999
    2. Send SMS with content "DK <name of data package>" to 999. Names of data packages can be found here

There you go. Enjoy the service.

Facebook in Australia – initial stats

By , March 7, 2009 9:54 am

My first fortnight in Sydney passed and the only social media entity I’m surrounded by is neither Google, Yahoo nor Twitter, but Facebook.

My experience with the University of New South Wales confirms my hypothesis on the Viralization of Facebook:

In UNSW we have over 100 clubs and societies. Student activities and career orientation programs here are organized make use of Facebook as a platform for announcements, discussions, networking and to some extent, information storage.

Newly arrived students are inevitably invited to create a Facebook account, connect to others and join many of the student groups.

Influencers are ubiquitous. And they’re not necessarily the tech-savvy; mainly, they have something to share.

Around 2,600,000 Australian are in Australian network, around 12% of the whole population of Australia.

A quick check on Alexa shows that Facebook is ranking 3rd in Australia, only after the two Google’s properties. Considering their popularity and potential to dominate the web further, I’m not surprised if Facebook wants to shift from relationship-centric to content-centric.

Facebook discontinues Networks

By , May 11, 2008 1:36 am

I’ve noticed that Facebook has hidden “Networks” tab for some time.

Now Facebook just announced that they will discontinue Networks and encourage using Groups.

What do you think of this decision?

Facebook's announcement for discontinuing Networks

36 Reasons why people Word-of-Mouth

By , January 26, 2008 11:26 am

Facebook vs Orkut vs Yahoo! Mash vs MySpace, and some other Social Networking sites

By , October 29, 2007 11:08 pm

Social Network Sites


Facebook logo

73.5 million users and growing fastest

What I like about it

  1. Mini-Feed is useful in seeing a quick snapshot on the latest happenings within your network without going to several sites to check.
  2. The ability to supply how you know a person.
  3. Nice applications. Approximately 10% of Facebook applications I’ve tried are interesting and useful while others are not as good.

I think these can be improved

  1. Fixed 600 width and non-resizable
  2. Non-customizable design
  3. No blogging functionality
  4. Tight security: profile only viewable by friends. How do you determine if a profile is your friend or not just by looking at the screen name which can be different from the real name?
  5. One account can only join no more than 200 groups. Unlimited is preferred.


Glossy Orkut logo

24.6 million users

What I like about it

  1. Simple design, Google philosophy after all
  2. Extensible width
  3. Ad-free

I think these can be improved

  1. Name. Honestly speaking, the Turkish name “Orkut” is very unfamiliar. Just a remark, as the brand name is not supposed to change
  2. Very few, if any, extensions

Yahoo! Mash

Yahoo! Mash Logo

What I like about it

  1. Wider width
  2. Larger font
  3. Allows profiles to be updated by friends
  4. Mini-feed is also supplied

I think these can be improved

  1. Check boxes to select friends to add should be provided
  2. More group levels
  3. Informal language. I am especially not easy with the word “fugly”
  4. Profile with non-removable fields such as “What’s most likely playing on my iPod”… Excuse me, can I NOT have an iPod?


MySpace logo

107 million users. The currently largest site

What I like about it

  1. Integrated all-in-one solution that includes social networking, blogging, mail, favorites, forum, movies, events, media

I think these can be improved

  1. Inconsistent design
  2. Music landing page
  3. Spam, including spam invitations, protection
  4. Tons of ads

Other notable networking sites

Name Focus Number of users (in million) Comments
Windows Live Spaces Blogging 120 Really eye-catching glossy design. Powerful blogging support. Try new Microsoft experience!
hi5 General 50 An issue: the letter ‘5’ creates this word “hị” in Vietnamese. hi5 is still nice anyway
bebo Schools & alumni 34 Nice and neat
friendster General 50 Friendster is getting old. It needs more innovation.
imeem Media: Music, Video 16 Possibly the best media site currently. Nice design and convenient upload process. Support tagging
LinkedIn Business 15 Very professional for business networking purpose Music 15 Attractive design, especially the logo. However, radio alone is not that fascinating. They could use more of music sharing
Xanga Blogging 40 The ad on top is a huge barrier to this site’s design. Usability is a little messy

Read more

Wikipedia, List of social networking websites

Mashable, Facebook Hammers MySpace on Almost All Key Features

Techcrunch, Facebook platform

American Class Divisions

Nerdlifestyle, Media restrictions

My choice

Facebook to keep in touch with international friends and English-speaking communities

Yahoo! Mash. Many young Vietnamese users rely on Yahoo! services

Tai Tran on iMeem for socially musical networking

How about you?

Share your experience here…

Which site do you like best? What you wish your site had offered?

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