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Geert Hofstede Framework of Five Dimensions of Culture's Possible Pitfalls, Limitations and Proposed Solutions

By , April 24, 2009 1:24 pm

Geert Hofstede Framework of Five Dimensions of Culture


  1. Power Distance
  2. Individualism / Collectivism
  3. Masculinity / Femininity
  4. Uncertainty Avoidance
  5. Long-term / Short-term Orientation

Possible Pitfalls

  1. Femininity is associated with interpersonal care of other members in the group / society. It’s not the feminine characteristics.
  2. Long-term Orientation is about building long-term relationships, building trust before establishing business partnership. The orientation is not strategic planning.
  3. Use it to strengthen stereotypes.


  1. The survey was conducted in IBM’s global offices. Possible confusion: was it perceived by IBM employees as a measurement of global culture or a measurement of respective IBM offices’ culture?
  2. The initial survey results was released in 1970s. Things have changed dramatically.
    1. Example: Singapore scored lowest (8) in Uncertainty Avoidance. In 1970s, they were going through reformations in order to grow their economy and defend against potentials threats so risks were being taken. 30 years later, Singapore has been known for its strict legal system and the tendency to avoid taking unnecessary risks. Therefore, its result needs to be reassessed.
    2. The same case happens for many cultures.

Proposed Solutions

  1. Use it as a framework, avoid categorizing
  2. Re-evaluate at least once per decade

Tai Tran's Favorite Facebook Applications

By , May 25, 2008 4:39 pm

Apart from built-in functionalities, these are my favorite applications so far:

Information Integration

Blog RSS Feed Reader

This is the nicest RSS reader application in Facebook. Though it doesn’t replace a professional reader, it’s nice to have in your profile since you can check the title quickly and let people see what you’re reading. Integrating this with RSS mashups like Yahoo! Pipes is a good idea.


To share cool websites that you Stumble.

To share cool websites that you saves on


There are countless of gifts applications, but these 2 are very cute and the concept is nice too: to wait 4 days for the gift to grow/hatch.

Growing Gifts

Select a plant (or an object) and send to your friends. It will grow in 4 days.

Hatching Eggs

Select a cute creature (or an object) and send to your friends in the form of an egg. The egg will hatch in 4 days.


Birthday Calendar

Although Facebook provides a birthday reminder, this application layouts all your friends’ birthdays so it’s easier for you to plan your celebration and/or presents ahead.

My Personality

The main test is based on the Big-5 traits. It also explains typical horoscope psychology and test you against it. The good thing is that it compares you with your Facebook connections.

My Types

A MBTI test with percentage. It gives you the results of your Facebook friends too.


You can write testimonials for your friends and receive ones from them. Testimonials give you flexibility in assessing than with mere adjectives.

How about you? What are your favorite applications?

Mind Map: Cognitive Psychology

By , May 4, 2008 4:22 am

Using Mind Map to synthesize my knowledge on Cognitive Psychology.

Please click on the image for the full version.

MBTI Myths

By , May 1, 2008 6:07 pm

1. MBTI measures preference, not capabilities. It measures proportion, not effectiveness.

Some Introverts can communicate, build network, give presentations, make jokes better than some Extroverts. If you see an Introvert fooling around gossiping a lot, expect him to spend at least twice the time researching in his laboratory

Some Perceiving people can draft a more effective business plan than some Judging people do.

2. Preferences of MBTI belong to a continuum. The result you get from a test is instantaneous, that is, only accurate at the time you do the test.

3. MBTI test is a self-examining test. The more self-aware the test-taker is, the more accurate the result is. Know this: some are more self-aware than others.

4. Psychological health reflects on physical health.

5. The eyesight of an Introvert is usually convergent, while that of an Extrovert is usually divergent.

6. “Big picture” is usually associated with N, while “Detail-oriented” is usually associated with S. However, always remember that MBTI measures preference, not capability. An N person can be detail-oriented if he trains that skill.

7. T/F measures decision-making, not lifestyle. Spending 90% of your time on critical thinking doesn’t guarantee you’re a T. If at the swift time of making a hard decision, you give a choice basing on your gut, you’re an F!

36 Reasons why people Word-of-Mouth

By , January 26, 2008 11:26 am

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