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The treasure named real identity

By , February 11, 2012 7:07 pm
  • Real identities is the next treasure
  • Anything can plug in existing collection of real identities: advertising, market research, insurance, education, real estate, recruitment, pension, legal services, public services… ANYTHING!
  • The current most relevant interface/facade for an identity is a profile on a social network
  • Facebook owns probably the most powerful publicly-acknowledged identity database. Facebook’s real-time data mining has been scarily accurate.
  • Google knows what we search. Facebook knows what we share & whom we connect to.

In Vietnam:


Real identities

Convertible identities

Telecommunication carriers Registered subscribers Unregistered subscribers
Banks Customers, with transaction information N/A
e-Commerce & e-Payment services Customer accounts, with transaction informatio Off-site transactions
FPT ADSL subscribers
Tien Phong Bank customers
Readers of VnExpress & digital products
VNG 123mua & Zing Deal customers Gamers
Zing Me accounts
Zing News readers
VTC TV subscribers
Go accounts
VCCorp e-Commerce (including MuaChung) customers Readers of content products
Soha accounts

How to fully utilize the potential of identity? This is a decade-long strategy.

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