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By , January 28, 2017 2:32 am

The most fatal problem I – as a buying consumer – have with Vietnam e-Commerce is supply. Counterfeits and counterfeit tolerance, bad quality products, not-that-good products, overly mainstream products.

Which is why I was excited to learn Lotte launch its e-Commerce service

My favorite supermarket chain had been Maximark before it was sold to Vinmart. I can buy from any, Coopmart, Big C, Giant, Lottemart.

What I had hoped to buy from canned products, processed food, cheese, ham, condiments

At first glance, looked promising. Esteé Lauder is there though the line is inherently overpriced for its quality even with US sale price.

But when I actually tried to place an order the following pained me.

  1. Sluggish performance.
  2. Product search isn’t sufficiently functional. Example, this search does not list necessary items in this category.
  3. The whole cart was wiped out as soon as I logged in. And consider sluggish performance.
  4. Account registration and login processes are clumsy.
  5. Filter doesn’t work the way it should. Example, currently consumers can only select one brand. Please look at Amazon and ASOS.
  6. Number of items displayed is not carried over when clicking link to subcategories.
  7. Multiple SKUs for one product. You can find multiple SKUs, one for Lotte Đống Đa , one for Lotte Nam Sài Gòn . Example here and here. No other major site intentionally distinguishes between different vendors, and these vendors are in the same Lotte system. This is outright bad product design.
  8. Why divide to and Lottemart sections? Lottemart and suppliers such as Coca-Cola Vietnam are suppliers after all. To Amazon, Quidsi is just another supplier.

The site needs a total makeover, but that’s not all. I am also worried about the relationship between and Lottemart. The site is doomed as long as Lottemart managers make life difficult for purchaser.

I hope I can make purchases on soon.

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