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Why Twitter never took off in Vietnam

By , December 23, 2011 11:38 am
  1. Vietnamese users like colorful, emotional, right-brain products. Twitter is analytical, left-brain. Right-brain: Tumblr, daily life, emotional messages, visual.
  2. Vietnamese users are unfamiliar with Follow, and have no incentive to learn the concept.
  3. Twitter is individualistic while Vietnamese in general are collectivistic.
  4. Vietnamese users haven’t had the need to follow influencers. In fact, many social influencers are not tech-savvy. Early Twitter adopters are geeks and online marketers who are not appealing to mass users.
  5. Vietnamese sentences are longer than those of English, on average.
  6. Early adopters started to use Twitter in 2007-2008 when smartphones were costly to mass users. When smartphones are much cheaper now, Vietnam Twitter is deserted. Also, it took too long for to roll out SMS service.
  7. Twitter offers no gamification.

Would Weibo clones do any better than the wave of dead Twitter clones in 2008? We’ll see.

Trends to watch in Vietnam in 2012

By , November 27, 2011 2:13 am
  1. Web games
  2. Mobile apps
  3. Consolidation of groupbuy market
  4. Flash sale
  5. Technology-backed offline payment e.g. payment devices
  6. Digital content payment
  7. Cross-border transaction


Nicky Fei has a two additions

Social apps

The shift to HTML 5 following the Adobe gave up Flash

User-driven characteristic of web services makes product categorization less important

By , February 5, 2009 3:57 am

YouTube is supposed to be a video-sharing site.

It has become a place for sharing music taste, including pseudo-video with only audio and pictures/lyrics on the front.

Facebook is defined to be a social utility for real connections.

Look, Facebook is going to lift the 5000 cap for maximum number of friends. Who has more than 5000 real friends?

And it has become world’s largest photo-sharing site.

And kindly take a look at how I have been using Facebook.

Twitter is built to let users update their statuses.

Then micro-blogging is born.

Tumblr is meant to be a tumblelog.

But reverse-chronicle visual bookmarking fosters it growth.


Because they are user-driven.


Don’t stuff your vision into tight boxes.

The Browser Wars

By , January 9, 2009 1:02 pm

Netscape, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, AOL

Source: PixelLabs

How to explain Twitter to your purely-business peers in less than 10 minutes

By , December 14, 2008 11:50 pm

Times of the Web to 2008

By , December 7, 2008 4:30 pm

Times of the web

By the way, have your tried out Facebook Live Feed? If not, click here to.

Credit: TanNg

Google Chrome – the Web browser saga continues

By , September 2, 2008 11:57 pm

(to-be-read in reverse-chronicle order)

3 September 2008

Positive review: SaigonNezumi, Google Chrome – What a browser should be -> Simple

A nice coverage: Chip 2.0, Review after the first day launching Chrome

Not-so-positive review: Google Chrome, it’s not worth the Buzz

Why Google Chrome is not only a cost-saving basket

On Finance’s side: GOOG’s Chrome is all about Wall Street.

TaiTran’s comment: Chrome is only only a cost-saving basket, but a full house for wealth for Google.

  1. OK, the money that Google is saving as depicted in Zdnet’s article is the kitchen.
  2. Chrome knows all your web activities. Google will sell smarter ads and thus their revenue from ads will increase. This is the bedroom.
  3. Chrome is the O/S for the web
    Recall: what’s the 2 most successful properties of Microsoft? Windows and Office
    Has Google got Office? Absolutely. Now Chrome is Google’s Operating System.
    This is the living room.
  4. Chrome being open-source will attract the communities (many from Mozilla) who will work for Chrome (more accurately, GOOG) for credit rather than wages. This is the bath room.
  5. Chrome will be the web platform on which many applications and SaaS will base on: free dependency is never a free lunch. This is the dining room.
  6. Chrome being very light will integrate deeply with Android for penetrating into Mobile market. This is the garden.

In short, all about making money in the long run, given that Chrome will succeed. How successful do you think Chrome will be?

Testing Chrome

  1. Is faster than FF3
  2. Failed to import bookmarks from my FF3
  3. Offers more free space by pushing the tab bar to the very top
  4. Doesn’t destroy the layout when zoom in. This is both good and bad.
  5. Doesn’t display XML correctly
  6. Supports built-in 48 languages
  7. Connects to Google services at full speed
  8. Uses same web standard with Firefox
  9. Provides context-sensitive status bar
  10. No RSS auto-detectio
  11. No support for Quick Time
  12. AdBlock will be highly political
  13. Smart start page: recently visited sites
  14. Flickr “Web upload” does not work
  15. The address bar is a search bar

Chrome About Pages

1 September 2008

Google’s official announcement: we hit “send” a bit early on a comic book

Tad was skeptical with 7 reasons why Chrome is a bad idea

Technologizer raised 10 questions

Agglom scanned the catoon

Google Blogoscoped threw the first bomb

Google Chrome Artwork

How these Firefox 3-compatible addons save me one hour per day

By , August 18, 2008 11:38 am

I’m on Firefox 3 too, and I utilize addons to enrich my web experience too, like most of you there.

There have been countless of entries to useful Firefox addons, but what’s different about this post is that it measures the costs that can be saved for users when using these extensions.

What are the costs of usability and how much are they?

The descending order of severity of the costs are

  1. Screen loads: this is a pain when internet connection is slow. It usually takes most time of all interactions with the computer
  2. Mouse movements: mouse movements severely damage the wrist and this should be minimized
  3. Mouse clicks: mouse clicks are less severe than mouse movements, but are also expensive
  4. URLs: an URL takes time to type in
  5. Enters: it hurts the little finger
  6. Hot keys: hot keys usually consists of at least 2 keys, but are regarded as less expensive than Enters because they are mostly done with the left hand, reduces damage to the right hand

Now, let’s start with the addons!

The first six in the batch: Google Toolbar, Diigo Toolbar, StumbleUpon Toolbar, TwitterFox, CustomizeGoogle, Better YouTube

Google ToolbarGoogle Toolbar for Firefox

Google Toolbar provides search, “I’m feeling lucky” and images search functions without having to go to

It also supports Gmail notifications and Google PR check

If I don’t use this addon If I use this addon
  1. Ctrl+T
  2. Alt+D
  3. Input: or
  4. Enter
  5. Wait for one screen load
  6. Enter
  7. Input search keywords. Enter
  8. Wait for one screen load
  1. Move mouse to the toolbar
  2. Input search keywords
  3. Enter or move mouse to “Search the Web for images”
  4. Wait for one screen load
Cost saved
  • Two mouse movements
  • One screen load
  • Two hot keys
  • One URL
  • Enters
  • This can save me 10 seconds

Diigo Toolbar

I have used Diigo as a replacement of delicious (I still love the old brand

Though delicious tagging is smarter and usability is better, Diigo supports web-highlighting which makes it an advantage.

Diigo toolbar allows user to bookmark their favorite web pages for later reference. With Diigo, all bookmarks are centralized when users move from computer to another.

If I don’t use this addon If I use this addon
  1. Alt+D to move cursor to the address bar
  2. Ctrl+C to copy the link to post
  3. Ctrl+T
  4. Alt+D
  5. Input: diigo
  6. Enter
  7. Wait for one screen load
  8. Move mouse to “My Bookmarks”
  9. Click
  10. Wait for one screen
  11. Move mouse to “Add a bookmark”
  12. Ctrl+V
  13. Enter
  14. Move mouse to “Tags” (assume that I ignore “Description”)
  15. Input tags
  16. Move mouse to “Add New Bookmark”
  17. Click
  1. Move mouse to the “Bookmark” button
  2. Click
  3. Input tags
  4. Click
Cost saved This can save me 60 seconds

StumbleUpon Firefox addonStumbleUpon Toolbar

StumbleUpon works on an interesting concept: when you hit the Stumble! button, the addon takes you to a random interesting page that matches your preferences.

The StumbleUpon toolbar makes it more convenient for you.

If I don’t use this addon If I use this addon
  1. Alt+D to move cursor to the address bar
  2. Ctrl+C to copy the link to post
  3. Ctrl+T
  4. Alt+D
  5. Input: diigo
  6. Enter
  7. Wait for one screen load
  8. Move mouse to “Post new blog”
  9. Ctrl+V
  10. Move mouse to “Post new blog” button
  11. Click
  1. Move mouse to the “I like it!” button
  2. Click
Cost saved This can save me 45 seconds

CustomizeGoogle Firefox addonCustomizeGoogle

This powerful addon modifies Google search results and display preferences. It supports options for Web Search, Images, Groups, News, Products, G Answers, G Books, Gmail, G Galendar, G Maps, G Docs, Video, Reader, Cache, Blogger, History, Privacy and Filter

If I don’t use this addon If I use this addon
Costs From Google Images Search screen

  1. Move mouse to the thumbnail
  2. Right-click to open context menu
  3. T
  4. Ctrl+Tab
  5. Wait for half a screen load (only need the thumbnail to be loaded)
  6. Move mouse to the thumbnail
  7. Click
  8. Wait for one screen load
From Google Images Search screen

  1. Move mouse to the thumbnail
  2. Right-click to open context menu
  3. T
  4. Ctrl+Tab
  5. Wait for one screen load
Cost saved
  • Half a screen load
  • One Click
  • This can save me 30 seconds


If I don’t use this addon If I use this addon
  1. Ctrl+T
  2. Input
  3. Enter
  4. Wait for one screen load
  1. Move mouse to the Twitterfox icon
  2. Click
  3. Wait for one mini-screen load
Cost saved This looks like it costs even more than the web version. However, the time to load the mini-screen is much less than it does to load the full web page

Better YouTube

This Greasemonkey-based addon loads the YouTube video faster and allows downloading the video. Generally it saves me half an hour per day for one video.


With the intensity of these service I use everyday, these addons easily save at least one hour each day for me.

I can use this one hour for other business purposes which can generate other benefits.

What is your experience? What do you think of my approach when analyzing these?

CPM Advertising comes to Vietnam market

By , July 13, 2008 1:47 am

Online advertising in Vietnam has long been in its first step when banner was the dominating method. Interstitial were used in some tech-savvy sites.

The market of 20 million Internet users has been regarded as very potential. We have seen the emergence of many sites on various areas such as blog platform, portal, social networking, C2C trading, online media, news sharing. Further down for each area many niches have been spotted. Each player does have her own strategy of monetization.

Out of all these movements, I’ve wondered if an advertising system like one of Google AdSense would ever be introduced in Vietnam.

When looking around, I spotted this site: XpressMedia of VinaForce.

From the first glance, the product-naming Game endorses CPM Advertising.

This model’s potential

Let’s see the potential of the market here in Vietnam:

  • 20 million internet users
  • Approximately 2.5 blogs
  • Growing product-savvy

These factors form firm foundation for the development of this model.

One important thing to remember at the Vietnam market is not hasten to introduce ‘advanced’ functionalities. Simple and easy to understand is the way to go. We’ll see whether this model will make it here.

What do you think of XpressMedia first Game?


By , July 3, 2008 1:49 am

Simplicity in Design, with examples from Apple & Google

Source: Stuff that happens, Simplicity

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