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Tai Tran on Yahoo! Pipes

By , February 9, 2008 1:24 am

What is Yahoo! Pipes?

Pipes is a new mashup from Yahoo! that provides a GUI for building applications that aggregate Web feeds, web pages, and other services, creating Web-based applications from various sources. At the end of the process, user can choose to publish those applications.

The site works by letting users “pipe” information from different sources and then set up rules for how that content should be modified.

Tai Tran on Yahoo! Pipes

Tai Tran on Yahoo! Pipes

How to use Yahoo! Pipes

There are a series of videos to look at.

Firstly, please see the basics of Yahoo! Pipes

[gv data=""][/gv]

Other videos in the series:

Blogging in Facebook

By , February 2, 2008 2:42 pm

Facebook core doesn’t provide blogging platform

Certainly, because Facebook is a social networking site, which is totally different from blogging.

However, the blogging desire is real

Many consider writing the best way to express themselves and share their thoughts/feelings.


Add RSS Reader in Facebook profile

Some applications allow adding RSS Readers in Facebook profile. The most attractive of all today is Blog RSS Feed Reader

Blog RSS Feed Reader

However, it means you need to rely on another blogging platform.

Blog inside Facebook

Alternatively, you can use a Facebook application named Live Blog created by Kudos Media . With Live Blog application, you can blog insdie Facebook without having to rely on third-party blogging platform.

Facebook Live Blog screenshot

This application supports basic HTML codes, mood, music embed, YouTube embed, Google Video embed and location where the journal happened.

Till now, no WYSIWYG interface has been provided. Decoration/image embed/URL must be done manually with HTML codes. Hope a more interactive edit pane will be added soon.

Try it out!

What is the fuss about?

It means you now have everything you want on Facebook: terrific social networking functionalities, blogging, podcast, video embed, music, photo sharing, greetings cards and all.

Have you planned to move from other platform to Facebook yet? launches Alpha

By , December 12, 2007 10:52 am

yUp! logo


Going vertical in venues & events, is the on-going product of a startup of foreign-trained IT professionals.


In my previous post on Vietnamese web service providers, I emphasized that a harmonious combination of Global Trends and Local Values is what would win my loyalty.

yUp! is the third Vietnamese website (apart form CyVee and diadiem) that attracts me, as it offers both of what I’m looking for.

Local Values

Local Values are obvious: local entertainment options, local venues, local services, local events, Vietnamese tourism etc.

Global Trends

What are hottest trends going on globally today?

  1. Web 2.0
  2. Social Networking
  3. Personalization
  4. ******

How yUp! catches up with these Trends

Web 2.0 Design

A moderate use of glossy design makes it neat, tidy and surprisingly mature.

Additionally, usage of Ajax is also moderate thus better serves slow Internet connection as in some areas.

Social Networking

Although the alpha version hasn’t fully supported social networking, yUp! looks like it’s preparing to build communities around the website. The most significant hint is yUpper!


My yUp! allows personalization. More than just an online profile like that of other forums, it offers journals (Bài viết), bookmarks (Ưa thích) and connection (Bạn bè).

The Ace

The Ace of yUp! is not hinted on the website alone. However, a short interview with CEO of the company reveals that they’re aiming at a same-old-brand-new type of service through yUp!

I promise I’ll write about it when yUp! goes Beta.

Suggestions for Development

  • Provide channels to export information out of yUp!, i.e RSS
  • Upgrading journals function to a real blogging platform


Y-U-P can be deduced as “Why Unified Process?!”. Indeed, the team is Agile doing pair programming – with one pair, by the way. This is not their intention, but my random observation.

How Vietnamese web service providers can win me back

By , November 22, 2007 8:13 pm


Why would I want to use a Vietnamese web service

  1. Connection speed, especially for video streaming
  2. Local opportunities

What would drive me away

  1. Security, including revelation of my account information and spam
  2. Careless design
  3. Immature communities


Professional Networking

I’m favoring CyVee because opportunities are real and more closely intact.

LinkedIn is terrific, but opportunities might come at a lower pace.

Social Networking

I’m currently very happy with Facebook.

If faceViet or yobanbe want to get me, they have to provide

  1. Professional theme
  2. English interface
  3. Strong personalization options.

Social News

It’s a pity I prefer utilizing my RSS Reader over social news sites such as Digg. Therefore, no remark just yet.

However, the news sharing platform of CyVee looks nice and could be very useful in promoting company brand like the way Tim of TRG is doing.

Additionally, if Vietnamese service provider can create something like StumbleUpon, it would make a hit and I’ll definitely consider.

Photos Networking

Picasa has everything I need: 1Gb free account, folders, tagging and an uploader.

Is there a local site focusing on photos networking?

Music Networking

I’m enjoying sharing music on imeem. I am more into English songs. I like new age, hard rock and symphony and I’m not sure whether nhacso, Zing mp3 are rich of such genres.

Video Networking

Youtube is absolutely wonderful. I am amazed by its fast connection speed and stability.

Therefore, I don’t have the plan to move to just yet.

Mobile Networking

Has any Vietnamese vendor invest in this area?


I am maintaining my different blogs on self-hosted WordPress, Yahoo! 360 and Windows Live Spaces.

If local blogging providers such as ngoisaoblog, want to attract me, they would have to ensure:

  1. High SEO compatibility
  2. High security, including spam protection and splog tracking
  3. Backup options and standard-compliant import/export functionalities
  4. Permalinks

Instant Messaging

My clients in the US are using MSN Messenger. Most of my friends are using Yahoo! Messenger. For conference, Skype is just wonderful.

I don’t feel the urge of switching to Zing chat.


Apart from professional emails on my domain, I use a Gmail account to access Google services and a Yahoo! email to make it easier for my friends.

Any company is investing in providing free email service in Vietnam?


I use my portal for work purpose and netvibes is still number one.

Zing looks very nice, but I’d rather having something customizable.


I’m not having a real need of C2C e-Commerce, so no comment on this.


A vote for diadiem, simply because I need to find ways in my local areas.


I’d rather go out playing sports than wandering online, so good luck socvui, hihihehe and so on


In conclusion, the 2 local web services that I utilize are CyVee and diadiem

CyVee give me real local opportunities and diadiem is definitely more useful than its Google counterpart.

For others, if they can bring me real values I’m seeking…

Webnerations: From Web Service to Web Platform, and how their Business Models evolve

By , November 8, 2007 7:45 pm

We thought Web Service was good. It certainly is!

Web Service has brought the economy to the web. There is no need to repeat what Amazon, eBay, Yahoo! and Google all have done.

Windows Live Centralized Point

Web 2.0 and a different approach

But another approach is rising fast. Web service providers now make their product a Web Platform.

They build up a very good core based on solid philosophy. Then they provide API for developers to build applications on.


With their defeat by Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5, Mozilla temporarily withdrew and launch their next hit: Firefox.

As in September 2007, market share of Firefox reaches 35.4%, according to W3C.

One important reason why Firefox has become this popular is due to its extensions gallery. A huge collection of well-done small web services are offered for free by developers worldwide.

Many of Firefox extensions are done to support other web services such as Google Search, Blogging,, StumbleUpon, digg, Amazon, eBay.

Gradually, the browser becomes one of the largest centralized points of the web.

Social Networking

Talking about Social Networking today, we have to praise Facebook immediately.

Facebook is also doing very well to provide their API so that applications can be developed on a very good and mature skeleton.

Most successful Facebook applications support networking purpose such as free gifts, messages, testimonials, collaborative games.

The goal of a social networking site is to become the home of as many activities of users as possible.

Content Management Systems

WordPress, Joomla, phpBB have been building communities around them.

Themes allow personalization.

Plugins allow customization.

Most of all, the platform allow monetization.

Conclusion: Web Platforms

Looking at these obvious examples, we see that Firefox, Facebook, WordPress et al offer a very solid and useful core and highly flexible and open API on which applications, extensions, addons, plugins, themes can grow and develop.

They have become Web Platforms to Web Services.

These Web Services in turn make the Platforms new and ever-changing.

Future: Information Depot

In near future, or maybe now already, we’ll see these central points become Information Depot in Semantic Web.

When a web seller wants to approach specific market segment, it should know what and how the potential customers are like. How? From Information Nodes such as e-Commerce sites and Social Networking sites. It would go to Amazon to get information on the customers’ buying preferences, and go to Facebook to get information on the customers’ networks and personal interests.

Can you imagine what happens next? These Information Depots will be able to manipulate the information in whichever way they prefer, not limited to making the information available, for prices.


We’re moving from separated glamorous isles to metropolitans on the web.

You will be able to do many things on a single website. Enjoy the sweetness it brings, while not lowing your guard on diabetes.

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