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Web Business Models and how Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, yUp! and CyVee are doing

By , September 6, 2008 1:57 am

A response to Anh Hung’s question on success possibility of CyVee.

Quick Updates on Vietnamese Social Networking Sites

By , February 26, 2008 10:54 am


News feed is implemented in CyVee


faceViet launched new Beta with an interface different from that of Facebook.

They provide a rich Blogging platform and Music (both audio and video) embedding which are not present in Facebook core.

More reviews will come later soon…


yUp! opens Beta, as previously reported.


yobanbe has been transferred to Zing domain

Good move for boosting Zing’s Alexa rank.


yeah1 grows from a forum to a community for teenagers. They aim at building a magazine and a TV channel for this market.


Not a purely social networking site, but it’s worth mentioning that VCCorp’s CafeF has offered WordPress-powered blogging platform that specializes in Stock, and a Q&A channel at

Any other interesting updates? opens Beta

By , February 5, 2008 4:17 pm

yUp! logo

yUp! silently opens Beta just before Tet holiday. My impression is that their efforts are spent to organize and provide most relevant information to users.

New features


Talks has been added. It works the same way as that of a simple forum. This should allow more interactions between yUppers.

Large publish button

Security options

Security levels for user profile & homepage.


The new layout is nice and neat with a lot of spaces to breath. The design concords perfectly with the mission of organizing information of the website.

Organizing information


On its homepage, instead of throwing a lot of options in directories on users, only hottest ones are displayed: yUp’s Picks, Highest Rating.

yUp’s Picks and Highest Rating goes the same for Venues.


Events tab makes it even further: they provide Week view of events. Navigation can be done chiefly through the calendar which is very convenient


Categories on the treeview have been simplified to 4, which makes to less confusing for users.


Information organization is what makes success of Google. Can we say the same for yUp!? launches Alpha

By , December 12, 2007 10:52 am

yUp! logo


Going vertical in venues & events, is the on-going product of a startup of foreign-trained IT professionals.


In my previous post on Vietnamese web service providers, I emphasized that a harmonious combination of Global Trends and Local Values is what would win my loyalty.

yUp! is the third Vietnamese website (apart form CyVee and diadiem) that attracts me, as it offers both of what I’m looking for.

Local Values

Local Values are obvious: local entertainment options, local venues, local services, local events, Vietnamese tourism etc.

Global Trends

What are hottest trends going on globally today?

  1. Web 2.0
  2. Social Networking
  3. Personalization
  4. ******

How yUp! catches up with these Trends

Web 2.0 Design

A moderate use of glossy design makes it neat, tidy and surprisingly mature.

Additionally, usage of Ajax is also moderate thus better serves slow Internet connection as in some areas.

Social Networking

Although the alpha version hasn’t fully supported social networking, yUp! looks like it’s preparing to build communities around the website. The most significant hint is yUpper!


My yUp! allows personalization. More than just an online profile like that of other forums, it offers journals (Bài viết), bookmarks (Ưa thích) and connection (Bạn bè).

The Ace

The Ace of yUp! is not hinted on the website alone. However, a short interview with CEO of the company reveals that they’re aiming at a same-old-brand-new type of service through yUp!

I promise I’ll write about it when yUp! goes Beta.

Suggestions for Development

  • Provide channels to export information out of yUp!, i.e RSS
  • Upgrading journals function to a real blogging platform


Y-U-P can be deduced as “Why Unified Process?!”. Indeed, the team is Agile doing pair programming – with one pair, by the way. This is not their intention, but my random observation.

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